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Cleanse360 Multi-Purpose Surfaces Disinfectant [Spray / Liquid - 500ml / 5000ml]

RM 5.90

Product info:

- Liquid / Spray type

- 500ml / 5000ml

- Multi-Purpose Surfaces Disinfectant

- Non Alcohol 

- Non Bleach

- No Fragrance 

- Sterilizing rate 99.9% / instant kill 99.9% germs, bacterial / Antibacterial

Alcohol Type & Scent: 

- Non Alcohol & No Fragrance


Suitable for: 

Non bleach formula, safe for skins and most household surfaces. 

E.g.: Home surfaces, chopping boards, bins, fridge, bath area, toilet seats, door knobs, stove, floor and more. 


Not Suitable for: 

E.g.: Marble, brass, copper, wood, carpet, fabrics, and unwaxed vinyl.


Packaging: 1 carton = 20 bottles (for 500ml)


Direction for use: 

Simply spray directly on to surface, wipe over with clean damp and allow to dry. 


Caution :

*Keep out of reach of children

*Do not swallow 

*Avoid contact with eyes

*Do not mix with detergents and other chemicals