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*BUNDLE* Cleanse360 Foaming Hand Soap [1000ml x 4 bottles] FREE [250ml x 1 bottle] - Pump Head + Refill Pack

RM 43.60

Bundle Details :

- 4 bottles of Foaming Hand Soap, 1000ml (White Cap)

- FREE 1 bottle of Foaming Hand Soap, 250ml (Pump Head)

Product Info: 

- Foam type

- Hand Soap

- Non Alcohol

- Sulfate & Paraben Free

- Easily Wash Off

- Safe For Kids

- Fun Hand Washing Experience

- Antibacterial, Instant kill germs, Sterilizing rate 99.9%

- Good product quality & Value for money, Economical to use


- Cherry Blossom Scent

- English Pear Scent


*For external use only.

*Store in a dry and cool place.

*If contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately.